Xilution Services

Professional Services

Xilution Professional Services are tailored to help digital marketers build and maintain dynamic web and mobile apps.

Our seasoned software engineers provide digital marketers with high level software design, development and testing services to accelerate their projects. By leveraging Xilution's platform of APIs along with best of breed SaaS solutions our engineers can help digital marketers meet their app development needs.

Xilution's software engineers are experienced in the latest web and mobile app development practices. Our specialty is modern JavaScript. Our goto tech stack includes React, NodeJs, TypeScript and Docker, but we can easily adapt to your tech stack if necessary.

We are also experience in...

  • Dev Ops
  • Cloud Computing
  • Agile including TDD and Pair Programming

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  • Five (5) hours of Xilution Professional Services for FREE!
  • Forty (40) hours of Xilution Professional Services at a reduced rate of $75.00 USD per hour. Our standard rate for Xilution Professional Services is $150.00 USD per hour.

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